easy Sports-Organizer 2.0 - including all exercise collections

easy Sports-Organizer 2.0 - including all exercise collections

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easy Sports-Organizer 2.0 - including all exercise collections

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easy Sports-Organizer including all exercise collections

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easy Sports-Organizer 2.0 - including all exercise collections

Looking for an assistant coach?
This assistant helps you to remember your ideas. And: You don't need to tidy up, 'cause the assistant does.

This great assistant also helps you to create wonderful training sessions within a few minutes. May we point out that he also is an expert in season planning?

This product includes all our exercise collections:

  1. Elgerg/Schreiner: One Touch & Combination Play (50 soccer drills)
  2.  Sven Hübscher: Successful Wing Play in Soccer (53 soccer drills + 23 forms of play)
  3. Sven Hübscher: Back 4 (14 warm up exercises, 28 coaching methods + 36 forms of play)
  4. Peter Schreiner: Tactic Training Games 1 (43 number up games)
  5. Peter Schreiner: Tactic Training Games 2 (50 number up games)
  6. Drobe/Schreiner: Sprint and Reaction Training (41 solo exercises for groups)
  7. Best Exercises of Coaches from all over the World (Wiel Coerver 11 exercises, Foppe de Haan 3 soccer drills, Guus Hiddink 8 exercises, Michael Kopf 8 exercises, Michael Skibbe 7 exercises, Thomas Schaaf 3 exercises)


Most important details on the easy Sports-Organizer:

  • -extremely easy to handle
    -super fast search
    -import as many images as you like
    -unlimited video import
    -fast data base in the background
    -printout in a nice layout
    -plan your traning sessions in a few minutes
    -for ALL sports
    -available in English, Spanish, French and German

What you get:

  • -your personal download link
    -your personal code
    -free entrance to our friendly support center (our English -could be better, but we are friendly like hell - even if the -most of us is German)
    -a great assistant!




Minimum WINDOWS 7. 
To get the software started on Mac you need PARALLELS or BOOTCAMP. 

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